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How to Get Personal Loan from Money View | Instant Online Personal Loan

No person wants to take a loan, but in difficult times and in the present situation due to the financial compulsions arising due to Corona, almost everyone must have taken a loan whether it is a personal loan, business loan or gold loan. If you have a similar problem in front of you, then you can take a personal loan, but before taking a loan, keep in mind that you should have the ability to pay the loan installment and the loan amount should not be spent on any unnecessary work.
If you want to take a loan, then you may have many options to apply for a loan, but you will be well aware of the loan eligibility rules of the banks or financial company. In this way, you can consider a reliable online loan app which is an alternative to them and instead of having to go to the office of the bank or financial company, you can use your aadhar card, pan card and one card from the help of your smartphone while sitting at home. With the help of Selfie, you can take a personal loan online and your loan amount gets transferred to your bank account in no time and both salaried individuals and self-employed can avail this paperless personal loan sitting at home.
How to get instant personal loan
 If you are a working person and your salary comes in your bank account, then you can very easily get this online personal loan sitting at home and according to your salary and loan eligibility, you will get a suitable loan limit. And if you do your business and file GST registration or income tax return then they can verify it online and offer you a good loan amount which you can get credited in your bank account in no time and if your business Small and you are not even filing GST or Income Tax return and according to your income Money View can give you a limit of 10000/- 500000/ and loan repayment time can be from 16% to 39%. This app is available on Google Play Store, you can install it for free. This app has more than one crore users and its ranking on Play Store is 4.6 out of 5 which is considered to be a very good ranking.
 For example, if you take a loan of 50000 / - for a period of one year, then after deducting processing fee of Rs 1750 / - and GST tax of Rs 315 / -, Rs 47935 / - is transferred to your bank account in a short time. And you have to pay a total of Rs.56,736/- including interest of Rs.6736/- per year i.e. twelve installments of Rs.4728/- per month through ECS from your bank account approximately on 5th of every month. will be automatically cut off. To use the app, one must be 21-57 years old and have a minimum CIBIL score of 600 and an Experian score of 650. Your mobile number should be written on your Aadhaar card i.e. there should be a link so that you can do your online verification through OTP received on your mobile.
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